1403 NE 50th St
Seattle, Washington 98105

> Dir: Gerri Sedley
> 1975 / Color / 74 min. / 35mm

"Ride us... for the time of your life!"

An audience favorite at the L.A. Grindhouse Film Festival and QT Fest in Austin, Teenage HitchHikers is a campy and genuinely funny sex-comedy. Loaded with T&A and hilarious, off-beat situations (including a wacky rapist!), this seldom-seen 70's sleaze classic has some of the most imaginative and amazing dialogue ever put to film! Don't miss this chance to see this incredibly rare 35mm print, cuz once it's gone. . . it's gone! A must for genre fans.

Only $5!

Official Website: http://grandillusioncinema.org/

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