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Paul Graham chief engineer of Mars Society and prototype Linux systems in the field

"I will speak on the topic of Linux at MDRS and as it is used in the
Engineering Team. This will include both current and future deployment.
A peek of some of the technologies to be discussed range from the
mundane like thor, the ET's web, training and bugzilla server (for both
hardware and software bug tracking) to the slightly more interesting
webcam server, to the again slightly more interesting tarpit and local
cache server in the Hab network, to the cooler embedded ARM
(http://www.embeddedarm.com/epc/ts7200-spec-h.html) boards to provide
several bits of telemetry and webcam sources (Providing remote control
of the station as well.) to the very exotic unit (either
http://www.embeddedarm.com/epc/ts7400-spec-h.htm or
http://www.embeddedarm.com/epc/ts7260-spec-h.htm Both are currently
planned to be tested.) for use in the suits to provide webcam, verbal
notes, suit and explorer telemetry, GPS, and VoIP communications. Hopes
include voice control of the unit. It is also hoped that the unit will
be portable enough to be carried personally when not in the suit.

It is hoped that models, if not prototype units, will be available for

Official Website: http://clug.org/?q=node%2F175

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