Geary St. and Powell St.
San Francisco, California 94102

You're invited to a first service of the Church of Questions

Tuesday the 31st of January 2006 from five to eight o'clock

Union Square in downtown San Francisco

5PM gather & ask questions like: Howze it hangin? Why'd we come here? How to repel the forces of darkness?

6PM watch the State of Confusion address (projected)

7PM topple 30-foot Bush statue:

featuring 2 reverends, 2 professors, a poet, and more!

* Kevin Padian: President, Board of the National Center for Science Education; Curator of the University of California Museum of Paleontology; Professor of Integrative Biology, UCB

* Rev. Charles Tigard, Associate Pastor, Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco

* devorah major, former Poet Laureate of San Francisco

* Rev. Taigen Dan Leighton, Buddhist Peace Fellowship

* MC: Tony Jackson, Professor of Psychology, Skyline College

feelings intend values