308 Bowery
New York, New York 10012

$5 suggested donation

Jessica Delfino, singer of dirty folk rock songs and more will be co-producing Christopher X. Brodeur (in exile)'s NIGHT OF A SHIT LOAD OF STARS, as he is in jail (and will be for quite some time.) (Ask if you'd like details.)

This show is partially booked by him in jail, and is a fast-paced monthly event featuring some of our favorite performers of all genres doing their best material.


HOSTED BY ST. REVEREND JEN (part elf, part human funny writer)
& REV JEN JR. (part elf, part dog side kick to Rev Jen)

and starring:
KRISTEN SCHALL!!! (googly eyed mistress of hilarity!)
ELEPHANT LARRY!!! (sketch group extraordinaire!)
ADIRA AMRAM!!! (singing superhero of awesome proportions!)
(delightful, musical family with accompanying slide show!)
JANICE "GIRL BOMB" ERLBOMB!!! (book writer smarty pants lady!)
MIKE AMATO!!! (Gene Wilder meets some other dude!)
THE BLACK & THE JEW!!! (a real black and a real jew!)

and virtually a shitload more!!!

If you didn't come to the April show, you missed a very hot lady exposing her inner gina folds to Judas Priest's "Breakin' The Law", Jessica Delfino's dance hit, "My Pussy Is Magic" and Stickerbook's cover of "I'm Never Gonna Dance Again", replete with theramin solo. .

Official Website: http://www.bowerypoetry.com/

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