33 E San Fernando
San Jose, California 95113


San Jose Christmas in the Park and Parade.
See http://www.christmasinthepark.com/events/ for more details about locations and times of the parade.

I thought we might try and grab a quick bite to eat ahead of time. I don't know many places downtown, so I'm open to suggestions. I would suggest Gordon Biersh unless there is some other great desire.

I [Patrick] was thinking Dinner, then shooting in the plaza until the parade arrives. There was mention of trying to get the new city hall at night too, but I'm not sure where it is located. I'll post more details as they get sorted out.

If you have thoughts on this please speak up, otherwise I [Patrick] speak into a void.

As this is night photography, if you are like me [Patrick], and not proficient you might want to check out the following links


Added by bjorke on November 19, 2005



(Note time change to 6PM for shoot starting around 7)


Pretty likely I'll be able to make it.

Sheesh, what do you mean you are not proficient? Ha ha.


Sounds like fun! Thanks, fling, for telling me about it. Good thing I'm obsessive about checking my flickr comments!


I'm a bit concerned that there may be confusion on Patrick's part. Checking the website shows the Parade in the MORNING - Christmas in the Park appears to END at 7PM! Hopefully I'll get a straight answer on his intent ASAP.


I guess we'll start up asap from 6PM on -- c u there


Circled futilely for 20 mins looking for parking -- no way to contact anyone or even know if they were still there so we bailed :/


Ah, too bad. It was hella crowded, but I managed to luck out on a spot in the San Carlos/3rd St. garage. Took plenty of pictures, but didn't find the meetup group. Maybe they still met at Gordon Biersch. Oh well.