1155 Folsom Street
San Francisco, California CA

My consort inches closer to getting his AARP membership this month and I thought it would be nice to get a little group together to celebrate his big day. He officially turns on August 24th, but his wonderful girlfriend bought him Chili Peppers tickets for that night, so we'll go a little crazy and celebrate a day earlier.

I have selected Triptych as the spot and have set up a pre-fixe menu which will run about $45 per person (includes wine pairings). You will also be able to order directly off the menu and can opt out of the wine pairings on the pre-fixe if you prefer. Just think of them as the Burger King of modern day. The choice is yours.

Can't wait to see you all!

Also, no gifts please - just your smiling faces.


Added by kristiewells on August 7, 2006



Old? Bah! I'll show that *male lesbian* what old looks like.



Grace, if you are promising to show 'stuff', I'll make sure to bring the camera. :)


what, getting 'older' and you don't tell us the age :p

Male lesbian? Oy, this is what I get for missing Woolfcamp...


Sounds fun...!


awwwww shuks! we are going to be rustic cabining in tahoe with kinfolk. wish we could be there to rabble rouse with ya! big ups on yer b-day! love, jc and chelsea

Amy S

John and I are in.


Rachel - yes, little nuggets abound at WoolfCamp. Must attend the next one. :)

Chels, so sorry to miss you guys - will see you soon.

Amy - glad to have you and John aboard.


Can't wait


seth and i will be there!


perfect timing, the one week I'm in town!


I'm in Palo Alto for the week, leaving early Thursday morning, but if I can make it up, I will do my best; either way Happy Birthday!


What time do we meet there?


Happy B-day Chris! Regrettably, I happen to be on a strict diet so I'm going to have to pass on the occasion, but I wish you a memorable birthday eve!!


Hi everyone, I am bringing Chris to the restaurant at 7:15pm, so if you could be there by 7pm, that would be great so it is a semi-surprise when he walks in.

FYI - He knows I am planning a dinner party, but he does not know who exactly will be there (as far as I know, he never checks Upcoming anymore) so seeing your smiling faces when he comes through the door will be brilliant!



Sorry, it looks like I can't make it. :(

Happy Birthday, Chris!!!


Put that as a f**k, I screwed up dates. I owe you a bday dinner.