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Comedian, actor and satirist Chris Elliott has made a career of blurring truth and absurdity. Elliott wrote and performed for "Late Night With David Letterman," creating popular characters like "The Fugitive Guy," "The Regulator Guy," and "The Guy Under The Seats."

He claims he earned the job by stalking Letterman in the NBC elevator. Elliott went on to perform in other television programs, including "Saturday Night Live," "Everybody Loves Raymond," "King of Queens," and the cult series "Get a Life!" "Get a Life!", created and written by Elliott, was about a thirty-year old paperboy who lived with his parents. The role of the father was played by Elliott's real father, comedian Bob Elliott. TV Guide cited the "Get a Life!" episode "Zoo Animals on Wheels" as containing one of the funniest TV moments of all time.

Elliott is the author of Daddy's Boy, and The Shroud of the Thwacker, an fictional historical novel about a serial killer in 1882 New York City, spoofing London's infamous Jack the Ripper case. His most recent book is Into Hot Air, a satirical look at classic survival adventures.

Official Website: http://www.cityarts.net/n.elliott.html

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