401Cortland Ave
San Francisco, California 94110

Chris Carlsson: Nowtopia!
Saturday, August 23 - 7:00PM

Chris Carlsson is a Renaissance San Franciscan. The Bay Guardian named him a true local hero because of so many vital areas where he puts his visionary thoughts and energies into serious actions for the better of us all. He is an initiator of Critical Mass, he is the heart rate of Counter Pulse, he directs and edits Shaping San Francisco, he has edited four collections of political and historical essays. His most recent book is After The Deluge, a utopian novel of post-economic San Francisco. He was one of the original founders and long-time editor of Processed World magazine. So he's not only really smart and engaging, but he's utterly affable and inspiring.

His new book, Nowtowpia uncovers resistance and rebellion amidst fractions of a slowly recomposing working class in America. Rarely self-identifying as mere ‘workers,’ people from all walks of life are doing incredible amounts of work in their “free” “non-work” time. This unpaid work is creating immediate practical improvements in daily life. More interesting still, these myriad initiatives constitute a more thorough-going refusal of politics and economics as usual.

Outlaw bicycling, urban permaculture, biofuels, free software, even the Burning Man festival, are windows into a scarcely visible social transformation that challenges politics as we know it. People are taking back their time and technological know-how from the market and in small under-the-radar ways, are making life better right now.

Save the Eckert Tolle for later and come see Chris Carlsson now. You'll be happy you did.
Who knows what positive action you take could inspire a critical mass?

Official Website: http://www.dogearedbooks.com/redhill

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We're planning an East Bay Cohousing expedition to join this:


Sad I'll be missing this - the book's a great read.