8401 Georgia Ave
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

Chris Black is a solo multi-instrumentalist from Austin, Texas, who travels with an upright bass, overdriven acoustic guitar, banjo, and violin. In performance he loops the music on the fly, creating rhythms and sounds to sing against. He takes up very little real estate, but will climb any and all available chairs, tables, and sturdy audience members to get his point across.

Jericho, released in July of 2006, is Chris Black's first solo release, and was recorded with upright bass, banjo, guitar, accordion, violin, kick drums, piano, saw blades, brake drums, tambourines and maracas, mostly acquired by chance, and all played by Black himself.

"The instrumentation may change throughout the album, but the vibe remains the same: This is dark stuff." -- The Tucson Weekly, February 8th, 2007

In the spring of 2007, Black completed a forty-day, thirty-two show solo tour of the United States in support of Jericho. An EP of instrumental violin music entitled Gadjo Bango: Dance Music for the Broken-Legged is also due this summer, as a breather before Jericho's darker follow-up release, Mountain to the Moon, planned for the winter/spring of 2008.

hear music at:
http://www.chrisblackmusic.com or

DC Improvisers Collective opens the show.. somewhere between free-jazz and the experimental side of rock. Learn more at:

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