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Trance - An altered state of consciousness as in hypnosis, catalepsy, or ecstasy.



Chris Allen is quickly making a name for himself as an important player in the world of electronic dance music.

With the roots of a classic and jazz trained Trumpet player, music has always played a forefront in this Canadian’s everyday lifestyle. From an early age he was brought up loving and learning music, having a long history of music in the family. Then, only two short years after deciding to pursue a career as a DJ, things began looking up for this 23yr old London native.

Chris has a varied yet distinct style of his own which has allowed him to perform with a variety of artists from around the globe. Such artists include Adam Sheridan, Andy Moor, Cosmic Gate, Greg Benz, John “00” Flemming, and most recently Sander van Doorn, among many others. He’s also had the opportunity of playing at clubs in both Canada and the United States and is currently planning to venture over to the United Kingdom by summers end.

Chris is currently airing his popular weekly internet radio show “BOOM” on Party107.com and is planning a full syndication by 2008. Having some of the worlds famous DJ’s as personal guests for the show, Chris has no plans of slowing down for the future. While he is also now concentrating on the business end as well as production, Chris continues to remain loyal and appreciative to the music and above all to the millions of people who enjoy it.

Whether you have seen him in a club or heard one of the broadcasts of “BOOM”, you can be sure that you will hear and see much more of Chris Allen in the very near future.


Kazual, aka Kaz Szydlowski or just Kaz S., was first exposed to electronic music in the year 2001, when he heard Trance. He was immediately taken by the music and was subsequently hooked for life. Since seeing a DJ for the first time, he knew that's what he wanted to do.

It was early 2002 when Kaz got his first set of turntables and a mixer; all he did was practice. From there he built his record collection, while finding his style playing at small house parties and such in and around London Ontario. In early 2006 Kaz got the opportunity to play his first club
gig. Since then he has never looked back, playing at various clubs in London and Toronto, all while refining his unique blend of music ranging from tech to driving uplifting Trance. He has since had the oppurtunity to play the
opening set alongside one of his favorite DJ's Sander Van Doorn at Rum Runner's in London Ontario.

This young DJ is always looking for the most original and inspiring music to keep the dance floor wanting more.


Andre’s DJing style can be characterized as high energy and crowd pleasing. With limited live experience, this budding DJ has shown he belongs by successfully and consistently hosting his own radio show on Tracklists.ca Radio. With his passion lying in High energy, pumping trance, don’t be surprised to find this versatile DJ enjoying some minimal techno, and progressive beats from time to time. As owner of Tracklists.ca, Andre has had a chance to expand the EDM community online, bringing new DJs onto the worldwide scene. He is currently leading this online initiative, while expanding its reach into Live Event Streaming, Podcasts, Reviews and much more! Stop by Tracklists.ca to hear the soundtrack to your life.

"With a heavy musical influence from my relatives and sisters, music has continued to move me. Feeling the music is key to me, and whatever happens after, well, happens. I'm thrilled to have a chance to move my audience, and cannot wait to see where it takes us."

Alongside Phoenix Nightclub Resident DJ Sugar Ray and guest DJ from TO spinning top 40 in the main room.

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