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Despite the hype there are downsides to social media - virtual problems are invading our real lives... or is it vice versa?

Identity theft, scurrilous abuse, libel, stalking, scams and even violence... Social media, once hailed as the great new "Naked Conversation" where the planet would talk to itself in a spirit of open debate and companies would 'crowd source' fantastic new products, is starting to turn sour.

High profile bloggers like Rachel From North London and Kathy Sierra have been stalked online. Teenagers are finding out the downside to having a MySpace page as cyber-bullying takes off.

Brands are finding that their carefully crafted marketing campaigns are being remixed and mashed-up in a way they never intended. Political sites are swarmed with negative comments. Comment spam is hampering open debate; trackback spam is polluting the
blogosphere; splogs are stealing content.

Social Media is turning out to have a very unsocial dark side. What can be done about it?

Can an online code of conduct have a hope of succeeding? Will freedom of speech be affected? How can organisations prevent their interactions with social media from backfiring?

Join us at the sixth Chinwag Live evening on 19th June - where everybody's input counts - to lift the lid on what's happening and start making sense of the issues...


James Cherkoff - Director, Collaborate Marketing
Cristiano Ventura - Business Manager, Windows Live Spaces, Microsoft
Luke Razzell - Identitologist and Entrepreneur, weaverluke
Tim Ireland - Online Marketing & SEO Consultant, Bloggerheads
Mike Barrett - Director, Compound Media
Chair: Mike Butcher - Journalist & Events Content, tbites.com


£20 (+VAT) until 8th June 2007
£40 (+VAT) 9th June 2007 onwards

(complimentary drinks and snacks included)

NB: Bookings MUST be made on the Event Brite online booking system (credit card or PayPal) via the Chinwag Live event page. Thanks!

Official Website: http://live.chinwag.com/socialmediadarkside

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If you want to book, the early-bird discount rate of £20+VAT for this event has been extended to this Friday 15th June.

That includes drinks and snacks, as well as what is sure to be very interesting discussion around the issues.

After Friday, tickets will be £40+VAT.