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Google still leads the search world. But two spanners are flying towards its works. Yahoo's new "Panama" platform and Microsoft's AdCenter.

Join us at the Chinwag Live on Tour session - where everybody's input counts - to lift the lid on what's happening and start making sense of the issues...

How can UK advertisers navigate and benefit from the coming battle around the search market? What does all this mean for pay per click advertisers?

Will 2007 herald "Search 2.0" and the rise of the vertical search engines? Will Microsoft even resort to buying Yahoo! as it attempts to take the fight back to Google?


Nigel Leggatt - Marketing Manager, Microsoft AdCenter
Edward 'Teddie' Cowell - Technical Director, Neutralize (**)
Samantha Pearlson - Search Manager, Blue Barracuda
Jon Myers - Search Director - Latitude
Chair: Mike Butcher, Journalist & Editor, tbites


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Official Website: http://live.chinwag.com/ot-iw2007

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There's a Chinwag drinks meet up at at 4.30pm if anyone at the conference fancies popping along for some nice cold drinks with various web folks afterwards.

It's at the Prince of Wales Pub, 14 Lillie Road. All welcome. All that's required is some funds to buy yourself a beer or 2 as we don't have a sponsor. Details here: