Hammersmith Road
London, England W14 8UX

If micro-content is here to stay, how are media owners and marketers adapting to this newly dynamised media culture?

Chinwag Live ‘On Tour’ travels to the National Hall at Olympia, where we will be hosting a follow-on session from our popular Micro Media Maze panel event held in May.

Content is being disaggregated into ever smaller pieces, to be widgetised, syndicated, and re-aggregated for multi-platform distribution by both owners and consumers at accelerating speed. Who have been the winners and the losers in this new dynamic media landscape?

Context and branding work differently in the world of feeds, mashups and aggregators. How are media owners handling this new media consumption culture? Do they need to embrace the possible lack of control for an opportunity to reach and connect with their audience?

Join us to explore how the micro content landscape is impacting digital marketing, brands and business...

Umair Haque - Director, Havas Media Lab / Bubblegeneration
Miles Lewis - SVP, European Advertising Sales, Last.FM
Nick Halstead – CEO and Founder, fav.or.it
Ivan Pope - CEO & Founder, Snipperoo
CHAIR: Steve Bowbrick

FREE - register on the ad:tech London website



NB: This is a FREE event but registration on the ad:tech London site is required to gain entry to the exhibition and free seminars.

Official Website: http://www.chinwag.com/live/ot-adtech2008

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