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How will the growth of widgets, mashups and web feeds affect the online media landscape?

When you can get all your favourite bits of the web delivered to a feed reader or a personalised homepage, bypassing the "destination website" setup, what are the implications for brands, marketing and web media?

This seems to be where things are heading as media is delivered by RSS and content is "widgetised" - deportalized, snipped, aggregated and mashed up everywhere.

Do newly launched brands and businesses even need a website? Are web services the new black? What can we learn from the pioneers of RSS delivery and marketing?

Join us at the fifth Chinwag Live evening on 16th May - where everybody's input counts - to lift the lid on what's happening and start making sense of the issues...

** Part of the world's first Widget Week! - see below **


Mark Taylor - Head of Content, Eircom & founder, Sleevenotez
George Berkowski - Head of Internet Strategy, BT Retail
Fergus Burns - CEO & Founder, nooked
Jonathan Gabbai - Solutions Manager, eBay
Kaj Häggman - Business Develoment Manager & Inventor, WidSets
Chair: Steve Bowbrick


£20 (+VAT) until 11th May 2007
£40 (+VAT) 12th May 2007 onwards

(complimentary drinks and snacks included)

NB: Bookings MUST be made on the Event Brite online booking system (credit card or PayPal) via the Chinwag Live event page. Thanks!

*** WIDGET WEEK 2007 ***
Chinwag Live: Media Widgetised on 16th May is part of Widget Week - the world's first co-ordinated cluster of events to focus on the widget phenomenon and explore its business, marketing and cross-platform potential. As we're talking widgets, this is a 9-day disaggregated week :-)
What else is happening?
- Mobile Monday: Mobile Widgets (MoMo London) - Mon 14th May (more info TBA shortly)
- Beers & Innovation 10: Widget Nation (NMK) - Tues 22nd May (more info)

Official Website: http://live.chinwag.com/mediawidgetised

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Just a reminder that the 50% discount on tickets ends this Friday.


UPDATE: The 'Mobile Monday: Mobile Widgets' event (part of Widget Week) on Mon 14th is fully-booked as of yesterday.

There are still some tickets left for Chinwag Live (16th May) and Beers & Innovation (22nd May).


This event is now sold out. The podcast will be available about a week after the event.