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Shrinking markets and shrinking budgets - just how big will be the blow for online advertising?

From year-on-year double digit growth come the predictions for 2009, from modest growth of 4% (Group M, UK) to 18% (Zenith Optimedia, W. Europe) through to Nick Denton’s warnings of a 40% plunge (US).

Could the depths of this new downturn bring a collapse to the online ad sector and the ecosystem of publishers, agencies and start-ups that rely on it? Or can certain ad formats weather the storm?

Paid search has long since remained prominent, capturing around 58% of all spend. But with high inflation, eroding ROI, and increasing need to focus on the bottom line of hard sales - does paid search make sense anymore? Will the focus for targeting and measurability now move to display with the growth of CPA over CPM? And as the fastest growth area of online spend, how will in-video advertising develop?

Join us on 10th February as we discuss the challenges and implications now facing the online advertising industry. Come quiz our panel on where limited ad budgets should now be directed, and how can agencies and brands adapt and survive in 2009.

What will be driving digital advertising forward this year? Will data analytics and micro targeting win over creative and innovation? Will advertising spend be instead directed to crunching numbers and enhancing ROI, and can conversion improvement tools really make a difference?

(arrive early for complimentary drinks and snacks)


  • CHAIR: Philip Buxton - Digital Strategy Consultant

  • Catherine Demajo - Head of Marketing, Time Out London

  • Khalil Ibrahimi - Managing Director and founder of Unanimis

  • David McMurtrie - Head of Product Specialists, Doubleclick

  • Guy Phillipson - CEO, Internet Advertising Bureau UK

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REFUNDS: In the unfortunate event that you can't make it along, we're able to provide a full refund as long as you contact us 7 days in advance of the event.


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