1 Market Street
San Francisco, California

The Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt is a unique urban sleuthing adventure played on the streets of Chinatown, North Beach, and Telegraph Hill on the night of the annual Chinese New Year Parade. Treasure hunting teams have four hours to solve sixteen clues leading them to obscure landmarks, forgotten architectural delights and vestiges of San Francisco's colorful past. Players can come with a team already organized, or can join like-minded hunters at the event; it's a great way to make new friends.Sleuths in action, dressed properly for the occasion

Familiarity with San Francisco geography or history is useful, but is not required. The clues, or puzzles, are designed to test various skills: map reading; knowledge of popular culture, current events, science or literature; crossword puzzle solving; cracking simples codes, etc. Everyone on a team gets to contribute, and must collaboratively agree on what they think is the correct solution to each clue.

Official Website: http://www.sftreasurehunts.com/hunts/chinese_new_year/index.html

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Photos from a past hunt -- add some afterwards, or enter them in the contest on the hunt website.

also, if you want to follow treasure hunt info and let friends know about it in facebook instead of by email, the event there is listed as



Why did they schedule this DURING the huge Chinese New Year Parade??? Wouldn't early morning be better?


Oh, the fact that the parade is going on at the same time is what makes this treasure hunt so excellent. Not only do you have to solve the clues, but you have to navigate around the throngs of spectators, the dancing lions, and the firecrackers. It is so fun!


Looks like it'll be rainy. The parade and the hunt both go on rain or shine.

The level of competition shifts a little on a stormy night, with fewer teams on the course, but wet years are fun. Running down the streets decked out in rain gear, with flashlights, adds another level of bragging rights.