Radio City Music Hall, 6th Avenue between 50th and 51st Street
New York City, New York 10020

Watch the divine beauty of the east being brought to magnificent life. Join the breathtaking journey into an ancient world of mythical dragons, heavenly beauties, and exhilarating drummers. Featuring an outstanding cast of international vocalists, musicians, and dancers, this is a unique cross-cultural experience not to be missed.
New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) proudly presents 2007 Chinese New Year Spectacular at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City from February 14th till 17th of 2007. From the legendary tales in the Chinese history to the heavenly fairy beauties, from the soothing classic melody to the traditional dragon dances, the Chinese New Year Spectacular is a work of beauty and inspiration, celebrating the wonder of ancient Chinese culture through a combination of world-class music and dance performances. It is sure to dazzle the eyes, ears and heart, and to leave you with the memory of a lifetime.

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This is a wonerful show. I have seen it in San Francisco. I truly enjoyed it! I recommend it entirely!


"The Chinese New Year Spectacular Will not Fail to Impress" by Janet Quinn

This is a great review I found on the web:

As far as Chinese New Year's entertainment goes, New Tang Dynasty
Television's Chinese New Year Spectacular is a relatively new kid on the
block, having made its debut only three years ago. It can't be described
as a variety show, and it's not really a Broadway musical, but it is
different to anything else out there.

Before I attended the Spectacular's Canadian debut in Vancouver last
month, I had some idea of what to expect, because my Chinese friends were raving about it, plus I had read some promotional materials put out by
NTDTV. What they're attempting to do with this traveling show is revive
the true Chinese culture which was destroyed by Chairman Mao and his
communist successors.

Good old Mao razed temples, burned ancient manuscripts, tortured and
killed intellectuals, monks, and anyone else he didn't like. To add insult
to injury, he made everyone wear black pyjamas. During his reign, counting
famines and everything else, Mao directly or indirectly managed to
slaughter more people than the two world wars put together.

Nowadays, the communist party of China uses the Chinese New Year, the biggest celebration of the year for the Chinese, as a way to glorify itself and promote the communist philosophy of fight and class struggle. But Chinese Central TV's four-hour Spring Festival Gala of acrobatics, conjuring acts and comedy skits pales in comparison the Spectacular's elegant portrayal of the best of China's ancient culture.

In other words, it is traditional Chinese culture without the communist rhetoric, which must be a refreshing change for the Chinese--many of whom are no longer aware of what their true culture is, especially those born after the Great Cultural Revolution.

It was refreshing for me, too, but not for that reason. On the morning of the Spectacular, I woke up depressed--an unusual state for me. I didn't even feel like going at all, but I talked myself into it. As I became absorbed in the unusual music, the myriad of colours, the graceful movements of the dancers, I started feeling uplifted. There was a purity about the show, something immaculate and flawless, that made a deep impression on me.

If I have a complaint at all, it would be that there was only one number played by erhuist Xi Xiaochun. The piece she played was so haunting and beautiful that the audience was riveted for every second of it. The erhu is an ancient two-stringed instrument that can produce an amazingly wide range of notes. Apparently, Chinese music aligns with nature in that it is based on the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth.

The theme of the Spectacular is "Myths and Legends," and some of the acts draw on ancient legends from the time of Buddha, Dao and Confucius--those wise beings from way back in China's 5,000-year history who taught compassion, virtue and selflessness. China's semi-divine culture comes through in the performances, leaving one with a wonderful feeling of...righteousness.

So, go to the Spectacular, and treat yourself to a unique experience. If you're unable attend the live show, just contact NTDTV and they'll send you a video.


I watched the show at Washington, DC. It's fantastic and I absolutely love it!


This is the most amazing Spectacular I have ever seen last year in Chicago and I will go to Atlanta this year to see it. It is worthwhile to drive the distance. This show is better than anything I have ever seen before.


I attended one of these events in Washington two years ago. It was truly "spectacular" to immerse myself in Chinese culture. I will make a special trip to New York City to attend this season. This is an extraordinary opportunity and one not to be missed.


I am waiting the wonderful moment to watch the Spectacular.


I watched the show two years ago in Madison Garden, and the one in Chicago last year. It was beautiful. Absolutely awesome. The music, the costume, the color, the energy, the deep meaning behind, etc.

I'm so jealous of the people living in NYC who can go to watch the show in Radio City, one of the best theater in the world.


I watched the version in San Francisco in january. This is by far the best show I have ever seen. I hope to go to new york and see the New York show, which I understand is the best!


This show is excellent for the yang generation. I take my 18 year old son to see this show 3 times in San Francisco Opera House.

I think this is a great opportunity for him to know traditional Chinese culture.

We both enjoyed the show so much even though we have different favorites.

Come to see the show, you will have an unforgettable memory.


I watched last three years ntdtv's chinese new year's show. I really like those beautiful clothes. You can see different clothing design from different chinese dynasties. Colorful, brightness,'s for sure, pure chinese tranditional music and dance show me really chinese tranditional culture.

I bet you'll love it. :)


It was an excellent show I watched in San Fransisco. This is something you don't want to miss.


You just know it's good but can't find the perfect word for it.


It is a perfect Valentine's gift! I watched all of them in the past 3 years. I am sure our loved one will really like this wonderful gift!


I attended the holiday wonder show in NY, and it was a great experience of my family. I would recommend this show without reservation. The Spectacular will be performed by the same group as Holiday Wonder.