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The splendor and beauty of the east will be majestically brought to life as New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) presents the 2008 "Chinese New Year Spectacular." Named one of the "10 Best Shows of February 2006" by Billboard Magazine and rated by the New York Times as "the best Chinese Show of the Year", the Chinese New Year Spectacular will take audiences of all ages on a magical journey back to China's treasured Golden Age.

Hundreds of performers and musicians will grace the stage of the brand new Nokia Theatre L.A. Live. Produced in the world's capital of art, New York, this is part of a global tour of 65 cities and 220 shows during the 2008 Chinese New Year Season.

The Chinese New Year Spectacular, which uses the expression of Chinese classical dance, showcases the true traditional Chinese culture without any Communist Party Culture. Through background scenery, costumes, and choreography, the Chinese New Year Spectacular expresses pure truthfulness, pure compassion, and pure beauty. Regarding the aspect of music, for the first time it successfully combines western orchestral music instruments with traditional Chinese music instruments, and it expresses the joy of sound from heaven handed by Gods in a more perfect fashion, captures the true spirit of ancient Chinese divine culture. China’s history comes to life in this gorgeous performance that is entertaining, inspiring and uplifting. The content of all programs is expressed in Chinese, English and local languages.

This Show is for all ages!!
ticket price: $38, $48, $68, $88, $108, $138, $188.
Hot line: 800-817-7116
online ticket: http://www.laspectacular.com

Official Website: http://www.laspectacular.com

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