400 S. State Street
Chicago, Illinois

this months topic is "workflow".

details to follow...

this is everything that happens to pics once they are transferred from the camera to your puter. personally, this involves picasa, photoshop and flickr for me. additionally, there is also a lot of backup going on.

so, what do you do? what is that standard process you use in PS to reduce noise? how do you go about tagging and choosing groups? do you geotag? how do you name your file structure on your computer? do you use an automated backup system? what media do you use to back things up? do you convert RAW using rawshooter? do you delete pics?


the whole point of the educational meetup is to help everyone get involved and more importantly, improve through education. i can't stress enough, this is for all levels of photographer and for all types of cameras.

Official Website: http://flickr.com/groups/chicago_meetup/discuss/72157594546900899/

Added by jaymce on February 20, 2007