400 S. State Street
Chicago, Illinois

First Chiflickr educational meetup
doors 6:30pm, event 7pm

This meetup is all about learning from each other... a grass roots to learning photography. The topic of this event is "Photoshop Basics".

I am a self-taght photoshop hack who has learned tons through other photographers over the past two or three years. i will share some of the basic techniques that i know and the concepts behind them for the first half hour or so.

again, the purpose of the event is all about learning from each other, so i will prepare the basic structure but would expect we will have everyone contribute however they like after we setup a general framework. if we dont then we all just play and talk and well, be social.

I will send the exact room location as soon as i get it from the harold... they are charging me about $45 for the room. i have no problem fronting this money, but if you feel like helping me cover the cost, great. if not, no worries at all, just participate and contribute to the discussion. that is what is important.


Added by jaymce on January 29, 2007



Thanks for setting this up, Jaymce. See you next week!


I'm about 90% sure I'll be there. Thanks for starting this!


Can't wait! And I know the location solid because I've held meeting there before. But never training, so this should be an interesting eveing.


I'll be there. Should we plan to bring laptops to follow along?


bring laptops. if you have photoshop make sure it is there... also, if you have any techniques you would like to share bring em along.


thanks for organize it. this will be my first chicago meetup! looking forward to it.


i'll see everyone there!!