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im asked to post this so hear 'tis:

from chicken john:

OK, first things first: I'd debating Gavin Newsom @ the Chez Poulet Saturday night @ 10:00 or so. It's gonna be great. Other candidates might show up as well. More than any other event in the election cycle, I'm looking forward to this debate. My sword sharp, my hackles raised I'm poised and ready to fight. In this actual debate, the gloves come off and we see what this guy is really made of. Some people say that he's just a puppet for developers and rich interests. I don't know where they get that stuff... come and see us duke it out live at the Chez Poulet, Saturday Night.

This weekend we walk the precints. Meet at the Chez Poulet Saturday and Sunday mornings anytime after 10:00.

Here is the doorhanger that will likely be the only way that 80% of San Franciscans ever see my name other than on the ballot.

So there will likely be 120,000 voters. We need to defiantly hit district 9
the mission. But other districts would be great as well. Who knows how much we'll get done. Meet at my house in the morning to get a map and a stack. I don't know if we are going to employ the bus or not, but it's fueled up and ready if we need it. We've got some people lined up, but not nearly enough. Walking around putting doorhangers is great exercise and the weather is just fine. There is a BBQ on Sunday at the Chez for the volunteers. There is a small group going out on Monday as well.

We very well may also receive mathching funds on Monday. Ha.

Walking a precinct is funner with a friend, and takes about 2 hours. Pease, forward this email to your list and maybe even get on the phone and activate a few people. Doorhangers are a great way to get a message across. No one has any idea that other people are running for mayor. And people may not know how horrible prop H is or how important prop A is for the future of transit. Prop D is a weird tne, one that I don't agree with. But the card says yes. But prop E is one that everyone in the progressive community is gung-ho about. The Mayor answering the questions of the board of supes. I"m not really into it. Because I'm not really into the whole mayor thing to begin with, so's where I'm at. But the slate card is really helpful. Likely, people just will vote exactly like it says. Which is SUPER weird. But that's the way it's done. Until something else happens.

And of course I have a HUGE show at 12 Galaxies Tuesday night that starts EARLY EARLY EARLY. There is cable there, so we can watch the "Countdown to failure". 12 piece orchestra, a dozen speakers, tickertape parade, acts, stumping, Lane's photos, video of Gavin running away from my singing telelgram, and a surprise ending all being filmed on live TV, if you can beleive it. And there more, but you'll have to come and see for yourself, Tuesday, all at 8:00. So come on time.

For information contact Andy @ 415 533 4694 or Chicken @ 415 215 1632

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