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As touch, gesturing and presence continue to become the norm and businesses seeks to connect with consumers in new and compelling ways, KIOSK or touch screen interfaces offer us a new playground for creating compelling experiences and markets. Large retail and hospitality businesses are increasingly looking for ways to create differentiated on presence experiences, even offering rewards for participation in the "touch" economy. As designers and marketers, how do we "touch" these users, what's ethical, how is designing for touch different, how do we dig into the many "touch" contexts.

Topic Leaders & Host: Erik Klimczak & Marlon Smith, Clarity Consulting (http://www.claritycon.com)

Clarity Consulting was the winner of Microsoft's Midwest PhizzPop Design Challenge: http://designchallenge.phizzpop.com/chicago.aspx

When: Wednesday, March 12, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm (pizza will be provided, how can you say no?)

Location: 1 North Franklin, 34th Floor

RSVP: Please email (chicago-local(at)ixda.org) by March 11th and we will send you a confirmation email with a contact phone number.

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