71st & Harlem
Bridgeview, Illinois 60605

Chicago Fire vs. New England Revolution
This will be the first game played in the new Chicago Fire Stadium!

Added by spudart on February 26, 2006



that guy jaqua runs really weird, with his hands flailing around like part of him's on fire. robinson cannot kick the ball. he misses every time. and thornton is fat. because of these facts, the chicago fire are my new favorite soccer team in the metropolitan area.


egads, i have to work the next day!


I work the next day too. But don't forget that we are taking a three hour lunch to watch the USA v. Czech Republic game, so it won't be too rough of a day.


I don't have to work the next day bwahahaha!!! Dana C is going to drink all of y'all under the new stadium seats (given she is still alive from the previous 3 days of binge drinking/soccer)