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Courtesy of Johnny Quinn:

Greetings everyone,
I know it is more than 3 weeks away but I thought it would be best to send out a quick "save the date" email for a birthday gathering for Cherish Peterson.

On Saturday January 6, 2007 we'll be heading to Santa Anita racetrack for an afternoon of gambling, drinking, and telling Cherish how she looks like she's in her mid-20's.

I'll send out an evite within the next week or so once the details are worked out. A quick response to the rsvp would be greatly appreciated since we'll be reserving box seats or something for us so all can congregate together.

Perhaps I'll host a movie night of LET IT RIDE if any of our schedules allow...

Go Bears!

Added by PEOPLE WHO DONT HATE FUN on December 12, 2006



You kids have fun out there! I won't be there, but I'm totally cheering Cherish on to get toasted and happy for her B-Day!


Can't make it anymore, but I hope everyone has fun!


Nick you blow! But I'll gladly use it as an excuse to bet more money "on behalf" of you!