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Cheltenham, England

"[The Festival is] not afraid to ask some of the most controversial questions in modern science. And with themes ranging from genetics to chocolate to the quest for the perfect relationship the line-up delighted packed audiences. Hosting this wealth of diverse discussion, a line-up of some of science’s most famous faces could not help but impress. Legend of ecological thinking James Lovelock enthralled his audience with a into climate change via the misrepresentation of nuclear power; throughout the Festival Lord Robert Winston guided us through the changes in the ‘Five Years On...’ series and in an exciting event Adam Hart-Davis held his young audience captivated as they discovered what makes a ball bounce.

As well as showcasing some of Britain’s brightest stars Cheltenham Science Festival continues to nurture the freshest faces in science. We continued our quest for the next scientific star in Famelab – and the finalists set the Town Hall ablaze. After much deliberation from the judges Jonathan Wood hailed triumphant as the winner of a contract with Radio Four. Last year’s winner Mark Lewney made a welcome return to the Festival in Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll. Dressed as a member of KISS Mark definitely provided one of the most memorable Festival highlights!"

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Tom Ziessen

I'm going to this, but the dates are Wednesday, 6 June - Sunday, 10 June. Not July


Corrected. My error -- apologies.