2121 Crystal Drive
Arlington, Va., Virginia


This is your chance to Meet the Cheeky Monkeys!

The DC-area's first and only professional sideshow troupe, Cheeky Monkey Sideshow is a breath-taking yet beautiful cavalcade of the bizarre, the shocking, and the strange. Grotesque and graceful. Beautiful and bizarre. Every show is different, every act unique.
bizarre. Every show is different, every act unique.

~GASP as Damien Blade shoves 3 feet of steel down his BARE, NAKED throat!
~LOOK ON IN HORROR as Mab risks permanent disfigurement by putting her FACE in BROKEN GLASS!
~FEAR what Mysterion the Magician may READ in the DARKEST corners of your MIND!
~TREMBLE with LUST and DISMAY as the Amazing Trinket CONTORTS HER BODY in ways that make women envious and make grown men WEEP!
~SEE Swami Yomahmi perform a real live GEEK act!
~WITNESS stunning feats of STRENGTH and shocking acts of STUPIDITY!

A unique form of entertainment that few will ever experience, but none will ever forget.

Cheeky Monkey Sideshow--You'll be Amazed. You'll be Amused. You'll be Just a Little Grossed Out.

Official Website: http://artomatic.org

Added by Mabjustmab on April 24, 2007