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Marketing in challenging times - what every business needs to know

UK businesses are confronted with an increasingly difficult economic climate and can expect a stormy ride over the next couple of years.

Professional marketers have a real responsibility in guiding their companies through this uncertain period. By analysing, anticipating and addressing changes to your markets and customers, you can better prepare your organisation for these more challenging times.

Marketers who keep up to date with their knowledge and skills will be those best placed to make the most of the opportunities ahead – help your organisation scale to new heights and build long-term competitive advantage.

Sharpen your marketing theory and practice as senior marketing practitioners examine four key areas:

Digital marketing – achieve cost-effective, innovative marketing
Sustainability – discover how to be responsible as well as profitable
Segmentation – explore the best ways to identify the right customers
Employee engagement – boost business performance by motivating your team
Each topic will then be supported and demonstrated through real-life, successful case studies.

Benefits to you

Stay one step ahead – know the latest thinking
Employ the best techniques – put into practice what you have learned
Educate your team – share knowledge and improve your colleagues’ effectiveness
Benefits to your organisation

Develop competitive advantage – differentiate yourself from your competitors
Motivate employees – maximise your workforce’s contribution and commitment
Increase marketing effectiveness – get a higher return on your marketing investment

Official Website: http://www.cim.co.uk/NewsAndEvents/Events/AnnualNationalConference/Overview.aspx

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