409 Colorado Street
Austin, Texas

Charles Feelgood



Legendary for his role in the birth of the electronic music scene in the Baltimore / Washington DC area, Charles Feelgood has built a reputation as a DJ in the international dance community through his ingenious remix skills and a dynamic brand of funky disco, electro, techno and hard house.

Cultivating a fascination with music since childhood, Charles grew up listening to Motown, disco and funk, genres that heavily influenced his personal style as an artist.

"I used to stay up late listening to my dad play records and decided that was what I wanted to do," says Feelgood. His first foray into the world of dance music was in the 80's, throwing small scale parties under the name" House of Fields". From Depeche Mode to Aretha Franklin dance mixes - the music was very eclectic at the parties and you can hear that range of genres in Charles's sets today

Official Website: http://nightculture.com

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