247 Queens Park Road
Brighton, England

The second of our “Everything you want to know but were afraid to ask” tastings

TIME: 7.30pm prompt at the shop, 247 Queens Park Road, Brighton
PRICE: £10 per ticket (food will not be served at this tasting)
Two very well known grape varieties, but do we really understand them. They are both widely appreciated and equally easily criticised. On this evening we will look at examples of each variety and see how they differ, depending on where they are grown.

As always it will be informal and fun so do book quickly. You need to phone or email the Wine Cellar to book a place:

[email protected]

Official Website: http://www.butlers-winecellar.co.uk

Added by ribot on January 20, 2007



Have you seen Wine Library TV? If you can get over the hosts abrasive personality, his enthusiasm's infectious and he really knows his shit.



Just amended the details slightly to indicate that you've got to book in advance either by phone or email. Places on the tastings get taken up very quickly.


I went to a corporate wine tasting there last year and had a great time. They're a hidden gem, it looks so nondescript from the outside that you wouldn't guess.


Would really like to go. Just rang up to see if they had tickets but got the answerphone. Probably left it too late. Hopefully I can make the next one.