603 Red River St
Austin, Texas 78701

Three-night hardcore punk music festival put on by Prank Records, though many non-Prank bands are playing this year.

Friday, June 3rd
12:55-1:30 Avskum
12:05-12:40 Tragedy
11:20-11:50 Signal Lost
10:40-11:05 ClockCleaner
9:50-10:20 Chronicle A.D.
9:10-9:35 Complete Control
8:25-8:55 Manikin

Saturday, June 4th
1:10-1:40 Deathreat
12:20-1:55 Born Dead Icons
11:30-12:05 the State
10:45-11:15 World Burns to Death
10:05-10:30 Bury the Living
9:20-9:50 Kajun SS
8:35-9:05 Bumbklaatt
8:00-8:20 Army Of Jesus

Sunday, June 5th
12:50-1:20 Selfish
12:05-12:35 Hellshock
11:20-11:50 Cut-Throat
10:20-11:05 Darvocets/Cider (sharing gear and splitting a "set")
9:40-10:05 Holy Shit!
9:00-9:25 Bastard Sons Of Apocalypse

Please see the official Prankfest page for additional details and information about related shows.

Added by cobra libre on March 30, 2005


cobra libre

Again, the Prank page has details about related shows. The bridge show Thursday was great fun, and there will be another Saturday night.

cobra libre

I don't know what the story is with Prank's Austin dining suggestions, though.