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CHANNEL 92.3 Presents Joe Sib's "California Calling" Thursday, October 7th at 8pm!

”Joe Sib’s “California Calling: A Story of Growing Up Punk Rock” is a 70-minute “broken word” roller coaster ride delivered by a man with enough energy and passion to power an entire city. Armed with only a microphone and 45 digital slides, Sib’s story is personal, funny, relatable and brutally honest. He gives “California Calling” a compelling visual edge by performing his entire show in front of photographs from punk photographers Murray Bowles, Edward Culver and Lisa Johnson. Sib makes his personal journey highly entertaining, with a fast delivery rivaling that of a seasoned stand-up comedian. Growing up in the Santa Cruz mountains in Northern California in the late 1970’s on a horse ranch with his mother, father and younger sister, life was good. But as Sib turned 10-years-old, his parents decided to call it a day and followed in the pattern of so many other families in the early 80’s by getting divorced. He left the redwood trees of Santa Cruz and moved into the “suburbia” of San Jose, and it was there where Sib’s life was about to begin. In a parking lot on an overcast December morning, Joe Sib Sr. talked little “Joey” into taking a chance and walking through the front doors of Winchester Skateboard Park. On that day, December 27th 1981, two things would happen to change Joe Sib’s life forever: first, becoming a member of the now “legendary” Winchester Skateboard Park and secondly, hearing for the first time through his “virgin 14-year-old ears” the sounds of Black Flag, The Clash, The Sex Pistols and 999. This is where Joe Sib’s life long obsession with Punk Rock would be born. “California Calling” is Sib’s story of how Punk Rock saved his life and ultimately has driven him to where he is today. Sib’s credits include fronting punk band Wax, co-owning independent label Side One Dummy Records (The Gaslight Anthem, Flogging Molly, Gogol Bordello), hosting punk rock radio show “Complete Control”-- airing in seven cities across the country including Los Angeles’ 98.7FM show–and also hosting the Bay Area’s Channel 92.3FM “Music in the Mornings” show. In a review headlined “Joe Sib‘s funny, manic, often touching ‚California Calling’” the Los Angeles Times said of the show: “Sib‘s boundless earnestness about the identity-shaping possibility of music charged his part-memoir, part-comedy, partbackyard-barbecue-yarn about what happens when the old days never quite go away…The abiding take from ‘California Calling’ is that the rush of youthful discovery doesn‘t have to dissipate with adult life.”For a clip of „California Calling“ go to www.californiacalling.net


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