127 Park Street, NE
Vienna, Virginia 22180

Presenter: Dr. Gina L. Myers, Life Coach and Author

We all know that the mind is a powerful thing and controls how we perceive our day-to-day lives. But have you ever stopped to think that by changing your thought process, you could change the way you see and experience life – for the better? Here’s your chance to learn specific methods that will help you re-shape your thinking and start fresh with a new outlook. This engaging session will draw participants in through a series of discussions and exercises teaching you how to become more aware of your current thinking patterns. You’ll learn techniques to help you assess your current thinking patterns and change them by applying a conceptual Change Process Model. Each participant will leave with a useful hand-out to keep and reference as you practice what you learn when you’re back at home and out in the real world.

Official Website: http://thewomenscenter.org

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