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Brown’s plan is to save capitalism’s bacon. He would have us all embrace the bleak future which is the grim reality for so many already. Of course he doesn’t talk about capitalism.
He talks about great powers, the EU and the USA, and globalisation, as if that were a thing.
The EU is presented as an unstoppable force, a power above nations.
The stench of political corruption here is almost overwhelming now: the putrefaction of parliamentary democracy in decay is an assault on the senses. Workers’ natural suspicion of politicians has turned to contempt.
Capital will emerge from this period more damaged and certainly more vicious. Look at the preparations here and elsewhere in the world for riot control and suppression of dissent.
We’ve got a system that doesn’t work. Workers know this. We come back time and time again to what does work. Industry, sovereignty, self-reliance, self-protection, it all comes down to control in the workplace and control of our resources. Workers who seek to
control their lives recognise that nothing is insurmountable.
For some time now we have recognised that we have everything we need here to prevent Britain going backwards, notably we have skilled, educated workers, who see the euro for what it is, see the EU increasingly for what it is, see the G20 and the like for what they are,
see the Labour Party for what it is – but who don’t as yet see with sufficient critical mass
What a seismic event it would be for British workers to say we will have a future on our terms.
We invite you to attend our forthcoming May Day meetings –
London and Edinburgh – for one unified national working class.

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