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featuring readings by;

*mimi lok
*suzanne kleid
*amira pierce
*richard loranger

come say bon bon voyage to champagne and other movie drinks! we're taking the summer off but will be back with an already-amazing lineup in september. also come and confess your lifelong crush on ms. amira pierce, whom is leaving us to teach skydiving in virginia come july. don't forget to deliver enormous hugs to miss mimi lok whom is off to hong kong for god knows how long, where she will be starring in the forthcoming feature film "mimi lok, we love you!" wish suzanne kleid a belated happy birthday and tell her all about YOUR experiences with "saturn returns." don't forget richard loranger, he likes attention too! but we're getting ahead of ourselves. these are 4 of our favorite, fiercely talented writers and readers. come hear them so you can say you were there. don't blow it!

see your there! wet bar and popcorn for sale!

the other movie drinks

mimi lok is a writer and educator whose work has appeared in McSweeney's, nimble, Hyphen, Washington Post and elsewhere. A lecturer in Creative Writing at San Francisco City College, she is currently shortlisted for the 2008 Arts & Letters/Susan Atefat Prize for Nonfiction. Learn more about this person at mimilok.com.

Suzanne Kleid's fiction and critical writings have appeared in Pindeldayboz, Watchword, the Believer, and other places. She is the book reviewer for the KQED.org arts
and culture blog.

Amira Pierce is moments away from receiving her M.A. in creative writing from SFSU, has barely been published, and is about to move to the other coast of this great land known as the united states.

Richard Loranger is a writer, performer, and visual artist who wandered back to San Francisco, the love of his bodily life, last fall, after fifteen years in less savory climes.
He is the author of Poems for Teeth (We Press, 2005), as well as The Orange Book and eight chapbooks, including Hello Poems and The Day Was Warm and Blue. He enjoys smelling flowers, composing names for demons and saints, and singing with many hairy men.

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