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Vitality. Everybody wants it but in today’s complex and stressful world, few of us know how to capture and keep it. Vitality is more than a matter of sleeping well, taking vitamins and exercising. Real vitality is physical, emotional and spiritual. Vitality comes from understanding and tapping into your energy source, how to clear blockages to making that connection, and how to master the flow of energy so you can express your fullest potential.

Sound Vibrational Healing, Chakras and Yoga, have been recognized as alternative healing methods for thousands of years. In this transformational workshop you will tap into your energy source and balance the chakras, the seven energy centers where energy from the physical world is received, assimilated and transmitted. The chakras affect different aspects of our consciousness including our perceptions, feelings, choices, and thoughts. By tuning the chakras we can deepen our understanding of who we are, why we react to situations as we do, and learn tools to bring ourselves back into harmony.

Enjoy a yoga practice designed to open the energy channels in the physical body; including meditation, chanting, affirmations and visualizations; all aided by the haunting, ethereal healing tones of seven crystal singing bowls. Each singing bowl is tuned to a different chakra and resonates with the crystalline structure within the physical body, working on a cellular level to raise the frequency of the energy within. The higher our frequency, the more healthy, radiant, and vital we become.

About Jeannine
Jeannine Dietz was a professional photographer for 10 years before dedicating her life to the healing science of yoga. She is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance - RYT 200 x 2 and RYT 500. She was first registered with the Yoga Alliance under Jimmy Barkan in the Hot Hatha Yoga Tradition (200 RYT). Her trainings have expanded to include Anusara-Inspired (200RYT), 500 hour Hatha Yoga RYT, Therapeutic Yoga, Power, Vinyasa, Restorative, and Prenatal Yoga. Jeannine is an Energetic Healer and is learned in Crystal Healing Music – using sound vibration as healing aid. She specializes in healing sessions, including Crystal Singing Bowls and Energetic Therapy, and private therapeutic yoga sessions. After being introduced to the singing bowls in 2003, she developed the powerful, transformational Chakra Yoga Workshop, which she presents in Annapolis, Baltimore and the DC Metro area. Jeannine teaches private/group classes/workshops at Prana Studio in Annapolis, MD.

Official Website: http://www.pureprana.com

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