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James Canty from Make Up is going play guitar and organ for Chain & the Gang during the forthcoming UK and Europe tour in May-June 2011

Ian Svenonius (MAKE UP, NATION OF ULYSSES, WEIRD WAR) is a singer in rock 'n' roll groups but also a published author (THE PSYCHIC SOVIET, Drag City Books) and a chat show host (SOFT FOCUS, His new group CHAIN & THE GANG is the splendid culmination of all these pursuits, combining the vulgarian style of the rock 'n' roll performance with the compulsory repartee of the television host and the polemic. It's almost too much for one stage to hold but somehow Svenonius pulls it off. How? With the the call and response form, learned from work songs, go-go music, and gospel spirituals. He has been called by more than a few: "The most dynamic performer treading the boards today." Chain and the Gang are the perfect antidote to the boring over-hyped and formalistic drivel coming out the underground music scene, with their energy, their wit, and their genuine engagement of the audience. Get them before you can't.

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