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Scale of use, ease of use, breadth of use and choice of use have earmarked the most important transitions of semantic technologies in the years since the first ODBASE conference in 2002. Recent methods allow for scaling of semantic technologies to handling dozens of millions of triples; they allow for composing intriguing semantic applications within a few days; they address target applications from the sciences up to eCommerce; and they allow to chose among plenty of existing ontologies and half a dozen of RDF stores, inferencing engines, or ontology mapping systems.

While these developments greatly contribute to the success of semantic technologies, for enterprise-wide and Web-scale applications the envelope needs to be pushed much higher, faster, wider and broader. The 2007 conference on Ontologies, DataBases, and Applications of Semantics (ODBASE'07) solicits original research papers that push the current boundaries.

As in recent years, the focus of the conference lies in addressing research issues that bridge traditional boundaries between disciplines such as databases, artificial intelligence, networking, data extraction, or mobile computing. Also, ODBASE'07 encourages the submission of papers that examine the information needs of various applications, including electronic commerce, electronic government, mobile systems, or bioinformatics.

ODBASE'07 will consider two categories of papers: research and experience. Research papers must contain novel, unpublished results. Experience papers must describe existing, realistically large systems. In the latter case, preference will be given to papers that describe software products or systems that are in wide (experimental) use.

ODBASE'07 intends to draw a highly diverse body of researchers and practitioners by being part of the Federated conferences Event "On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems 2007" that co-locates five conferences: ODBASE'07, DOA'07 (International Symposium on Distributed Objects and Applications), CoopIS'07 (International Conference on Cooperative Information Systems), GADA'07 (International Conference on Grid computing, high-performAnce and Distributed Applications), and IS'07 (International Symposium on Information Security).


Specific areas of interest to ODBASE'07 include but are not limited to:

* Semantic data models and semantic querying
* Semantic dataspaces
* Ontology management including development, integration, mapping, maintenance and evolution of ontologies
* Ontology approaches, models, theories, and languages
* Management of large ontology-driven data and knowledge bases
* Semantic information retrieval
* Emergent semantics
* Social semantic systems
* Semantic multimedia management
* Metadata management
* XML and Semantics
* Hypertext, multimedia, and hypermedia semantics
* Data and ontology integration, merging, alignment, and fusion
* Semantic middleware
* Semantic SOA
* Ontological support for location-aware services and mobile information systems
* Searching and managing dynamic knowledge

Applications, Evaluations, and Experiences in the following domains:

* Web 2.0
* Personal Information Management
* Media Archives and Digital Libraries
* Enterprise-wide Information Systems
* Web-based Information Systems
* Web Services
* eCommerce
* eScience
* eOrganizations (virtual organizations, virtual marketplaces, etc.)
* Bioinformatics
* Ubiquitous and Mobile Information Systems

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