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Tuesday, July 1, 2008 at 6:00pm

Topic: Amazon Web Services - Is "Cloud Computing" the answer?
Location: McKay Cottage
Hungry? Bring food for yourself... or better yet bring something yummy to share. Thirsty? Beverages are welcome too... as usual! Let us know what you're bringing in the comments.

So you've created a sweet web application... now what? Age old decisions come into play when determining where to host the application, who's going to manage the servers, and how much bandwidth is needed. Is "Cloud Computing" the answer? Can you really just "throw" your application on the cloud and have all your hosting nightmares disappear?

For the next COWPU meeting we will be discussing this new paradigm of cloud computing ushered in by Amazon Web Services. This new way of doing things forces developers and administrators to think in an entirely different way when implementing a solution on the cloud.

Need to serve images and video? Put them on S3 which has NO storage limit.

Need a server farm for a web application? Launch a load balancer, your app servers and database server in 5 min. When that server farm gets hammered with traffic, dynamically (programmatically) launch more app server on the fly... 5, 10, 50- No problem.

Do you have a batch processing task that takes 100 hours to crunch? Launch 100 servers and plow through it in a hour...

Total operational cost: $10.00.

We'll be discussing all the above scenarios as well as any negative downstream effects of cloud computing. Fore as we all know, with any new great way of doing things comes new challenges and considerations.

6:00pm - Doors open, networking
6:15pm - Announcements and door prizes
6:30pm - Presentation

Official Website: http://www.cowpu.com

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I'll be late but I'll be there.


I'm bringing a 6-pack of Trader Jose's dark lager, chips and salsa. Anyone else?


I'll bring a six of something...

Rich Lovin

I'll bring munchies.