6000 Santa Monica Boulevard at Gower
Hollywood, California

Bring a picnic basket, a blanket, and some booze and enjoy a movie among Hollywood's deceased elite.

His Girl Friday
directed by howard hawks (1940, 92 min.)

Hands down one of the best comedies ever made. the dialogue comes fast and furious, the plot cooks along at full speed,the humor never lets up, the lead actors are outstanding, and the cast is filled with the best character actors of the era. A hardworking newspaper editor tries to get his retiring ex-wife and ex-reporter to cover one more important story. His motivation is further complicated by jealousy because she plans on marrying an insurance salesman and settling down.

Gates at 7:30 pm. Film at 9:00pm. $10 donation tickets available at gate.

dj carlos nino spins before and after the show.

Official Website: http://www.cinespia.org/home/

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