Baltimore, Maryland

In the year 1877, amidst a crushing depression, workers in Baltimore, especially in the railroad industry, suffered harshly from the effects of paycuts from companies with record profit levels. B&O cut wages 20 percent across the board in 1877. ...

President Hayes, with his hands deep in the pockets of the major railroad bosses, called federal militia to come and quell the uprising. By the 21st it was all over in Baltimore, but the strike spread to Pittsburgh, Chicago, and St. Louis, among others. In St. Louis workers held the city for 3 days and a general strike was achieved for that time.

By August it was all over, and 100 people were dead. The 1877 strikes set in motion a period of long and amazing strikes that won many victories for workers across the country.

On July 20th, we will celebrate our history by walking the route of part of the rebellion, from the 5th Regiment Armory to Camden Yards, where we will meet with the UWA ( to connect over 125 years of workers struggles!

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