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Connect. Celebrate. Save Lives. 09.25.09
Join Vitamin Angels and New Hope for the largest industry-wide event at Expo East to save the lives of children worldwide!
Lack of essential nutrients is responsible for one-third of all maternal and child deaths worldwide. Vitamin Angels closes that gap by partnering with natural product companies to obtain the vitamins and funding to reach millions of children under the age of five, and pregnant or lactating mothers worldwide. Together we save lives!
This year at Celebration of Angels, experience the difference you and your company can make by partnering with Vitamin Angels in this global health initiative that benefits millions of children and proves that vital nutrients save lives.
• DISCOVER how you can GET INVOLVED at our connection stations that will showcase a variety of programs that natural product companies are participating in to help us reach millions of children, while synergistically giving companies great exposure in the marketplace.
• SEE the children we are working with in India, Kenya, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and more. Get to know them, their stories and why 25 cents is the MOST important, life-saving contribution they need from you this year.
• REACH the unreachable by participating in our interactive adventure park that will test your skills and challenge you and your colleagues.
• CELEBRATE the 15 million children we will save in 2010 with live music, food and a party like no other you will experience at Expo East!

Official Website: http://www.VitaminAngels.org/COA-4

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