200 Washington St
Brooklyn, New York 11201

Spike Lee and the Great Borough of Brooklyn invite you to a celebration of the 51st Birthday of Michael Jackson

Saturday, August 29th 2009 from Noon to 5PM

Fort Greene Park, DeKalb Avenue and South Portland Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

DJ Spinna will be on hand to spin Jackson 5, The Jacksons and Michael Jackson, and Borough President Marty Markowitz will declare August 29th “Michael Jackson Day” in the Borough of Brooklyn.

Spike says "we’ll all sing Happy Birthday to Michael. We’re going to make sure he hears us, too. All over the world, people are going to be celebrating his birthday. But he’s going to hear Brooklyn"

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for those of you that don't know they changed it to prospect park


Dignity behind the hat

It came from a poor family
His parents wanted him to become a big model
With its unforgettable young men, they opened the doors of Motown
With its young talent, it's an icon
He did not have a huge youth, every gesture is under control
With this step backwards on the floor, impress James Brown
At the time, thanks to the Moonwalk,
He inspired many young middle "HIP-HOP"
Through his music, he brought a Unique Art &
Thanks to the magic is Symbolic
Thanks to him the children were smiles Fairy
Due to its elegance, it was invincible in Dance
With this career, he has mentored Fred Aster
Because as human beings, it has always extended a hand
We all have problems and Suffering
With this generation, it has rocked our childhood
With this appearance, it gave us motivation perseverance
With this culture, with a vow, we have learned to be generous
He showed in a place, there is only one God
Everyone is accepted and exchanged as when we develop the life of angel
That is far or near and he changed a moment of my life
The goal, he improvised, I could never stop to thank
The day you died, you left as a human
Know that in history, nothing and no one can replace you in the Memory
You represented the music of hope, you gave a message and know
The Awards, you thought first patients & those with no house
That what had been humiliated or parodic, No wonder that it?
You do as we dream & you will always be 1.
A common format for the size of the Statue of Freedom &
Shift with Respect is being said
I do homage to any such dignity to these people that has exploit
This is ground or uprooted, to make a butcher
The truth Medina as saying in one of these compilations
"You can kill the man, not history," remind you tonight
May God watch over his soul Tribute to
The King of Pop Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009

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