134 Shoreditch High Street
Shoreditch, England E1 6JE

Creative Commons, the Open Rights Group and Free Culture UK are pleased to announce the first London CC-Salon event, to be held in Shoreditch on Thursday 28th June 2007.

The CC Salon is a monthly event focused on building a community of artists and developers around Creative Commons licenses, standards, and technology, and have been running with great success in cities around the world, including San Francisco, Berlin and Johannesberg. All are welcome, especially anyone interested in Creative Commons, copyright, Free Culture, Open Source, art, media, and music.
CC-Salon will held on the last Thursday of every month, at Juno, 135 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JE, from 6.30pm until midnight. The June event will feature contributions from:

Tom Reynolds (Random Acts of Reality - http://randomreality.blogware.com)

Elizabeth Stark (Free Culture USA - http://www.freeculture.org)

Jonathan Roberts (FreeMeDVD - http://questionsplease.org/freeme)

and after-dinner.net DJs
In addition, we've got 100 free Magnatune.com gift vouchers to give away, courtesy of John Buckman. Each voucher is worth $8, or one album from Magnatune's large and eclectic catalogue of DRM-free, CC-licenced music.

There's plenty more planned for future events, and we'd love to hear from anyone interested in participating, whether by performing, exhibiting work, or giving a talk or presentation. Please email [email protected] if this sounds like you!

Official Website: http://ccsalon-london.org.uk

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