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How does New York feed its eight million hungry inhabitants three times a day? 24 Hours, 24 Million Meals: Feeding New York documents the challenges of supplying, preparing and feeding a food-crazed population over a 24-hour period. Meet the people who live and work on the food chain—from dock workers unloading food from around the globe to fishmongers peddling their wares, chefs on the prowl for the freshest ingredients, family shoppers selecting meals for the week and street vendors selling quick bites. Watch as each vies for their place on the chain.

The series finale, Food of the Future, ventures into the great unknown and asks: what kinds of food will we be eating in the next five years? In the 1950s, people predicted that the food of the future would be tiny pills. The reality is far from that vision, as people continue to search for complex and exotic taste sensations including jellyfish or new designer fruits like "pluots" (combined plums and apricots).

In this episode, viewers will be transported to the assembly lines of the world’s biggest food company, to the kitchens of cutting-edge "molecular gastronomists" creating the latest food sensations like liquid ravioli and to the labs of scientists making "Petri-dish" steak.

Join scientists, "foodies", fishermen and world famous chef Jamie Oliver on a gastronomic, but surreal journey into the brave new world of food. See how the meals of our future continue to be experimented with…and how the results could go beyond your wildest imagination.

Official Website: http://www.cbc.ca/documentaries/greatfoodrevolution/

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