London, England

HDIF Presents
Thursday July 26th
Cats On Fire/The Sunny Street/The Brights/Brontosaurus Chorus
The Windmill
Blenheim Gardens, Brixton, SW2
8pm, £5

Cats On Fire
Following their stunning set at HDIF Presents in February, we're overjoyed to welcome back Finland's Cats On Fire. If you haven't fallen for these charming men yet, you will - imagine the lyrical flair and melodic swagger of The Smiths tied to a sweet garage pop influence. We can't wait to see what a mess they make of a packed Windmill - this will definitely be a show to remember.

The Sunny Street
Featuring Remi and Delphine from French popsters Electrophönvintage, The Sunny Street sketch gorgeous love letters in the atmospheric hinterland between indiepop and dreampop. Fans of Northern Picture Library take note - your favourite new band just wandered into your life. And their loveliest moment's called "Greasy Crisps". Classy.

The Brights
Classic indiepop played by four boys who know how to jangle and croon their way into your affections. What you get when you lock fresh-faced young men in a basement during Fresher's Week with nothing but a pile of Orange Juice and Housemartins albums for company - a whole load of sexual frustration and some glorious tunes.

Brontosaurus Chorus
How can you not adore a group called Brontosaurus Chorus? Featuring HDIF regular and Pop-Art mastermind Scooby Dom, t'Chorus have a host of instantly lovable songs - traces of B&S, Hidden Cameras, the runaway day-glo pop of Tullycraft, and the sense that here's a band that knows how to leave you smiling.

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