1130 Buenos Ave
San Diego, California 92110

Indie uh..rock/pop/folk? chanteuse Chan Marshall brings her non-existent stage presence to the Brick by Brick. Seriously, people. You'd think that after 15 years of performing you would get used to it. The schtick is old, Chan. Just get up there and perform the songs the audience paid to see you sing.

I just realized that the first time i saw Catpower was in 1992. 14 years ago. Holy moly, i am old...

Don't know the cover charge. It's not listed on the club's site yet.

Added by harold_ikes on August 11, 2006



Not sure I'm willing to fork over another twenty to see her break down in the middle of songs. V. frustrating.

1992 is 14 years ago?! crap! I think I was at Kylie Minogue concerts in 1992.


dude, it was even in someones loft/apartment in brooklyn. how hip was i?!


2 shows: 7pm, 10pm. $22