14–17 Manchester Street
Kemptown, England BN2 1TF

Set up and hosted by Cheeky Guide author David Bramwell, the Catalyst Club is a unique monthly Brighton event that pays tribute to the old traditions of French Salon, debating societies and Gentleman’s Clubs. Each night three guest speakers take to the lectern to talk for fifteen minutes on a subject close to their heart. The evening also features information and sounds from different musical genres, with free CDs for the audience thrown in for good measure. And all for the price of a pint.

Previous highlights have included live Barber Shop Quartet singing, real zombies, a talk on bad taste comedy from prankster Guy Venables, the story of how a certain lady’s grandfather had discovered the technique for extracting gold from seawater, live music from accomplished Brighton musicians Nick Pynn and Eminemylou, a two-hour performance from actor/comedian Ken Campbell and some brilliant talks on ethics, the universe as a single living organism, The Vikings, Haydn, cannabis, Alfred Hitchcock, occultism, Tin Tin, the Persuaders, naturism, the Martini…

"The Catalyst Club? It's the only night out in Brighton, or perhaps anywhere in the UK, where you can get thoroughly pissed, get free stuff, and go home knowing more than you ever thought you could or would need to about such unlikely topics as the history of the Martini, the life of Herman Goering, and why toast always falls butter side up."

Tom Sheriff

"In today's 21st century world were communication is measured in speed rather than comprehension, it is true soul food to find a place and time were we can sit, listen, learn be enlightened, amused and entranced. The Catalyst makes you think and grow."

Hugh Jones

Official Website: http://catalyst-club.com/

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