4862 Voltaire
San Diego, California 92107

Local band wot made it big(ger). Well worth spending zero dollars on.
Here's a bit of background: http://entertainment.signonsandiego.com/profile/273052
Don't let the "gothic-country" designation put you off, whatever the fuck that is.

w/ Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice

Added by joonspoon on May 20, 2005



how the hell do people find out about voltaire shows? i missed six organs and trad gras och stenar, and just barely heard about charalambides. anyone? no website that i am aware of...


try upcoming.org


Re: Voltaire-There's a mailing list there. Sign up. They're great about keeping people in the know.
Also, the Castanets/WWVV/Jana Hunter show is on the 20th now. I'm gonna e-mail the Sign On folks and see if we can remedy the listing. Tell the people.


hry rr, do you have the email address for the mailing list? can you shoot it to me, please: dave at hotgreenpeas.com