135 Lower Main Road, Observatory
Cape Town, Western Cape

The Dirty Skirts: The Dirty Skirts are an energetic band hailing from the inner city of Cape Town. They smack together an eclectic montage of electronic beats, synths and samples, combined with edgy guitar tones, irrepressible vocals and a thoroughly entertaining live performance. Essentially it is indie rock music with a bit of electonica thrown in. The band consists of: Jess (Jeremy de Tolly) on vocals, guitar and programming, Sumo (David Moffatt) on guitar and vocals, Kriss (Ryan Johnson) on Bass and vocals, and Markie D (Mark de Menezes) on drums mixing up a combination acoustic /electronic kit.

Cassette: Cassette are a flippen cool band from Joburg. They are named after tapes, because tapes are nice and you can turn them over manually and press play and fast forward at the same time and make a cool sound. You can`t say the same for a skipping CD and a band named Compact Disc would be naturally kak, which cassette isn`t. Their performance is tight and their looks are even tighter. They`ve recently signed to Sony BMG which is a huge break. People are criticising them for selling out but it only gives them more time and opportunity to do what they do best - make flipping cool music.

Official Website: http://www.armchairtheatre.co.za/gigguide.asp

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