106 Bunhill Row
London, England EC1Y 8TZ

A panel debate followed by drinks, tapas and networking.

Michael Nutley, Editor-in-Chief, New Media Age - chair
Andy Bell, Founder & Creative Director, Mint Digital
Arvind Ethan David, Founder & Producer, Slingshot Studios
Helen Keegan, Founder & Managing Director, Beep Marketing
Gity Monsef, Founder, Glassloves
Tony Nwachukwu, Founder & Co-Director, Burnt Progress

Back in March 2003, our first debate asked whether or not the digital revolution had been cancelled. Recent political events had stifled investment and countless new media projects had been put on hold. Our panel looked at four future scenarios for the entertainment industries, and voted for the one they thought most likely. A vision dominated by superbrands won out.

Five years on, how times have changed. We are in the midst of a digital revolution that is shaking the cultural industries to the core. The production, marketing and distribution of creative content have changed irrevocably. Though the economic outlook is again uncertain, digital media is now seen as saviour, not whipping boy.

The revolution is finally here, but who are its heroes? Who best embodies the status quo, and who gets the Marie Antoinette award for failing to move with the times?

Our panel will celebrate five years of rabble-rousing by reviewing the original scenarios, assessing where we are now, and giving its verdict on the new regime.

The debate will be followed by free drinks and tapas in a nearby bar, with music from Simon Automatic of Fortified Recordings.

This event is free but please register if you'd like to come (using the link at the top of this page). You can bring friends but they need to register too.

PS. Thank you to http://www.flickr.com/photos/cassidynorvell/ for the lovely pic of our Cass Creatives birthday cake!

Official Website: https://bunhill.city.ac.uk/media/eventbooking2.nsf/Register?OpenForm&Event=0000657A

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